Big news from Orange County Choppers!

David Foster 11.02.2016 0 comments

Orange County Choppers used to have a very popular TV show. And that’s still what a lot of people ask – “Where’s the show?” So they’ve been looking at ways to do something like the old show, but taking advantage of the new online possibilities. Being online puts control (and the ultimate fate of the show) in the creator’s hands.

The big question is how to pay for something that’s TV quality, and bring it to the audience. To answer this challenge OCC is turning to Patreon, letting their fans help bring the new show into being. Patreon not only provides a crowd funding option, it can become a community hub, giving creators another way to connect directly to their audience.

They’re looking forward to launching the Patreon page this month, and we will let you know when that’s live!

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