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TECH (Getting Started)

YESSS!!!! You’re in the beginning stages of your journey with live streaming. Let’s get you going live QUICKLY and EASILY!



Your Personalized Path

Go through the content in Streamer Accelerator in this order to get the best, focused results!

STEP #1: Get Started Quickly

This workshop is intended for you to get setup with the tech SIMPLY so you don’t waste time fiddling with gear. 



Your first priority should be to start creating content… and in order to do that, all you need are the basics!


Remember… all the fancy tech is great, BUT… you’ll benefit greatly by learning to connect with your audience in a more raw way. THEN you’ll be able to bring your new skills to the table with more tech!

STEP #2: Content Creation Course

This course will help you create the RIGHT content that will deliver results!


Create engaging content that will grow your audience and revenue!

STEP #3: Studio Buildout Course

Get setup with a fully functional video studio that’s push-button simple!



Once you have a solid foundation with your content, then getting more Professional Video will help you stand out and create Instant Credibility!

Don’t forget! You have access to a lot of support in the Facebook Group, Zoom Calls and more! 

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