Fix your time management issues with Adrienne Dorison

Luria Petrucci 11.11.2016 0 comments

The biggest problem facing most of us with our projects and businesses is the question of TIME! How can you possibly get all the things done you need to get done in the few hours or days you have available? Adrienne Dorison joined us with her best time management tips!

Set a single goal

This sounds really simple, but a lot of people don’t really give it thought. You need to look at all the things that are on your plate and decide what’s most important. Don’t put EVERYTHING on your plate. That’s setting yourself up for failure. Settle on what your ONE most important goal is, and prioritize the tasks that will lead directly to that. You’ll find that working on less will cause you to do a better job on the things you’re focusing on.

Achieving results versus feeling busy

Think about the results you want. They should be measurable so that you know when you’ve hit them. Make sure you can tell the difference between things that get you results versus things that just make you feel good because they keep you busy.

Set deadlines

The length of time a job takes will expand to fill the time you’ve assigned for it. Try to get things done in less time than you think is possible. You might surprise yourself and find you get good results while spending less time than you originally planned.

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