Add A Countdown Timer To Your Show (WIRECAST/OBS)

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I have recently been asked how to add a countdown timer to live streams, so rather than making them one and just posting it on Facebook, I decided I would make one you could download for free and do a blog post about it. So that’s what I did.

Here are a couple videos to show you how to add it to Wirecast and OBS. It should work on any software you use to Live Stream. It is just a video with an Alpha channel.

If you want one with a custom font, different amount (this one counts down from 10:00) or a background designed with a logo etc, let me know in the comments, and I can make you one. They are $50 each.








If you need a custom designed timer, please contact us by clicking on the little red chat icon on the site.

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  1. AWESOME! Thanks so much for this David! My only wish is that you guys get everything you deserve for giving so much to the community! In other words, lots of success and riches for both you and Luria! 🙂

    • I am not 100% sure if Ecamm allows for a transparent video overlay. Best way to see is to just drag it on top of what you’re doing and see. I don’t THINK it works the way that platform is set up, but I could be wrong. Hope that helps, and if you don’t mind reporting back with your findings so that others will know the answer should they also wonder, and I can then inform those who ask me. 🙂 THANKS!

  2. How can I use this on Zoom? I use Zoom to do all of my live streams on facebook. Can you help me with that? Thank you!

    • No, you can’t with Zoom webinars. You also wind up with a big Zoom logo when using that for your LIVE videos. It’s best if you can use something a little more sophisticated for this particular purpose, like Wirecast.

  3. April/David – you can’t currently use transparent video overlays on eCamm. I asked this very question, and they recommend you convert the video file into a gif, then add it to eCamm as an image overlay

    • Good stuff, thanks Liz! eCamm didn’t exist when David created that, so it’s a great addition!

  4. Every time I try to download the timer, it gets to about 0.3/1.3 GB and stops with a “Failed-Network error”. My internet (100mb/s up and down) can easily handle the download size so I wonder if there is an issue with the download file. I have tried to download it on two different computers, no luck. Any idea what’s happening?

    • This is just meant to be a simple option for you. You can certainly create your own or trim off 5 minutes! 🙂

  5. Does this set like a timer for hour or more and then cuts off? This is for a Facebook page to stream an hour church service.

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