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Did you know that social LIVE Video existed 10 years ago?

I was an early (EARLY) adopter of LIVE streaming apps that let you go LIVE from your phone a decade ago. Those apps don’t exist anymore because they were ahead of their time! 🙂

That’s when I got bitten by the LIVE Video bug, and I’ve been going LIVE every week (at times DAILY) ever since!




  • What works and what doesn’t work when interacting with a LIVE audience.
  • The Tech Stuff: My team and I have been pushing the tech limits of LIVE for years! We break stuff just to see what CAN be accomplished!
  • How to Tame the LIVE Adrenaline Monster! He’s vicious! 🙂
  • How to strategically integrate LIVE video into your overall marketing plan.
  • How to get past the crippling FEAR that comes with being on camera (especially LIVE!)
    • I will teach you all of this (and lots more)!


Let me tell you… it wasn’t easy!

I released my first video on December 23rd, 2005

My show at the time, Geek Brief TV, was one of the FIRST video podcasts to exist. And I used the alias “Cali Lewis”.

After I recorded this episode, I called my mom in tears. I was a MESS! I thought…

  • I’m TERRIBLE on camera!
  • What the hell was I thinking?!?!
  • NO ONE is going to watch me! Or they’re going to LAUGH at me!

I was such a shy girl back then… and still am!

I was CRIPPLED by the fear of being on camera!

But I did it anyway. And guess what? The more I did it the better I became! And the more comfortable I got.


Sometimes that’s the best way to learn, isn’t it?

My first experience with LIVE video was SCARY!!!

I was given the opportunity to co-host a TV show called Call For Help with Leo Laporte, the godfather of the Tech World. I was seriously under qualified but I said YES because I knew I had an incredibly talented host to learn from.

Photo Credit: Sean Carruthers

Then I freaked out.

This was LIVE to Tape (if you make a mistake, it stays in – no takebacks!)

I made SOOOOO many mistakes, but with no option to redo it, I learned one important skill…

To LAUGH through the mistakes!

Then, realizing it was an important skill to foster, I started doing regular, weekly LIVE shows for my own audience.


Are you noticing a pattern?

Then… Panasonic asked if I could host their BIG EVENT!

It was a big opportunity. A multi-day LIVE streaming event that I would host.

I said YES.

Photo Credit: Panasonic

Then I realized I didn’t know HOW to do that!

But I did it anyway. And I learned how to MULTITASK in a LIVE environment!

  • A Director in my ear giving me cues WHILE I was talking off the cuff and supposed to sound intelligent!
  • How to read a Teleprompter while LIVE without screwing it up…
  • How to Interview CEO’s of major companies
  • How to manage comments from the LIVE audience
  • How to deal with LOTS of information coming at me ALL AT ONCE and still put on a great show for the audience at home!

And they kept asking me to come back, year after year.

And then other people asked me to do the same, like Samsung, AT&T, and more.

I said YES to Call For Help. YES to Panasonic. YES to a speech in front of 2,000 people when I hadn’t spoken much before. YES to CNN and every other major news outlet.

I could have said “NO” and I could have stayed right where I was.

But when someone asked me to do something, I said YES… then just did it and ignored that loud voice inside saying I didn’t know HOW!

And I learned how to deal with HIGH PRESSURE situations!

LIVE video is a MASSIVE opportunity for you and your business!

Say YES!

And then let’s figure out the HOW together!

I know it’s not easy. I know it’s scary. I also know it can make a BIG difference to your brand!

You may not need to do LIVE video in front of millions of people like I have, but it’s still a HIGH PRESSURE situation for you!​

Let me help you become a LIVE Streaming Pro and deliver an incredible experience for YOUR audience!


Let me help you do it professionally & make it EFFECTIVE!

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned about growing my business… about LIVE video… about it all…

And I teach you how to do it, too!

I help you soar past the mistakes part of the learning process, so you can easily…

  • Get over the FEAR of LIVE Video!
  • Create ENGAGEMENT in your LIVE Show!

If you’re serious about taking your LIVE Streams to the next level, I couldn’t recommend more highly Live Streaming Pros!

Michael Hyatt
Best Selling Author & Top Marketing Expert

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Meet The Team

I couldn’t do what I do without these incredible team members who make it ALL happen!

David never stops tweaking! Not “twerking”… TWEAKING! Where’s your mind?!?

He’s always adjusting and improving the tech we use. Testing new gear. Figuring out ways to make our LIVE videos BETTER and PUSH FURTHER!

And he seriously never stops building Studio Sets! It’s why we created the Set Creation Workshop because he has so much experience building new ones, our audience told us he HAD to share how! 🙂

He focuses most of his time on his own brand, Geeks Life, and in doing that show, he’s constantly pushing the limits of what we can do here at Live Streaming Pros!

BTW… David’s a master karaokier and musician. He and his brothers, Phillip and James, were once referred to as “The Cabana Boys”. You really didn’t NEED to know that. But isn’t your life better now that you do?

Phillip’s adventure into the world of video and LIVE video production started in a construction zone.

He apprenticed as a finish carpenter and worked in custom woodworking and cabinetry for 10 years. He also studied molecular biology.

Weren’t expecting all that, were you?

An unlikely path, and one that instilled many valuable skills that turn out to be perfect for the world of production! An eye for detail, a knack for planning and he just won’t stop until the job is done!

He’s a family man and loves spending time with his girlfriend and daughter. He’s passionate about board games, plays competitive pool in the APA League and sings beautiful harmonies (eat your heart out, Garfunkel!).

Dave began as a viewer of my earliest show, Geek Brief. He was one of the most loyal and engaged members of the community before making his way onto the team!

If you see any typos on the site, it’s because I (Luria) made a change without passing it by Dave. Whoops!

He’s done a little bit of everything over the years, with a degree in journalism, time spent writing for a daily newspaper and running a weekly newspaper, five years as a teacher in the areas of English and History, and 10 years at Boeing working as a systems analyst and Java developer. Next he’s thinking… astronaut!

His analytical mind makes a big difference around here when it comes to taking a look at the business and what we can do to improve our Facebook Ads, our content creation and more!

Dave spends a lot of spare time reading novels, history and comic books. Seriously, he knows more about the life stories of hundreds of fictional characters than anyone should!

Paul is an incredibly talented graphic designer! I seriously don’t do anything visual in this business without his approval!

If I do, I risk the “well, it was a good try, Luria” conversation. I hate that conversation! 🙂

He started off as a viewer and was such an engaged and vital part of the community, he was a natural fit to join the team!

Paul has a degree in Fine Art and has been doing web design for over 10 years. I wish I could claim him all for us, but he helps several companies improve their online presence too!

He loves all things Apple, retro gaming and finds documentaries more compelling than fiction. He doesn’t like to jump on camera and grace us with his awesome English accent, but when he does, it’s a treat we treasure!

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