The Complete Blueprint for Launching Anything with LIVE Video!

Launch a Product, Service, Podcast, Show, Book, Event...

Grow your Business: Turn LIVE Views into Sales!

Create More Professional LIVE Videos!




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LIVE Video for Launches includes 4 Key Elements:





...and can be used ON TOP OF whatever launch method you use (webinars, summits, free video series, etc)!


Get INSTANT Credibility & Stand Out from the Crowd!

What if your LIVE Videos could look like this?

You can create TV Quality LIVE Streams for your:

  • LIVE Shows on Facebook, YouTube or Periscope
  • Webinars (using most webinar platforms)
  • check-circle
    Online Summits
  • Recorded Videos

Using this technology plus our strategy, we were able to...

Convert 34% of our Webinar attendees into buyers!

Amy Porterfield ~ Webinars That Convert

"I used to do only slides and voiceover on my webinars. But I love the idea of doing more direct to camera. And Luria and David helped me setup my video studio, so they've been really instrumental in me doing more video. As I saw video becoming more popular, and since I had the studio equipment, I did it with List Builders Lab.

I was on video the whole time during my webinar. And I KNOW it made a difference. I know our conversion rate was higher. And I know my audience connected with me on a deeper level.

It’s so incredibly valuable for people to connect with you, and because video is becoming more and more popular around all social media channels, people are very used to seeing video now. They want to see your face. 

Even if you don’t feel comfortable on video, I think it’s important to experiment with it."

Jenny Richards ~

"I've never before experienced a webinar like the way Luria does her webinars! With the face-to-face interaction, I felt like she was talking to ME, and immediately my trust in her was enhanced! Because of the visual nature, I believed her to be more "human"! Her little quirks and little fumbles made me like her even more because it made her REAL

It was the best webinar experience I've ever had, which is why I bought her awesome course! 

Look. Here's the thing...

Content matters. Without incredible value, you can't ask people to take that next step with you and buy. You know this. I know this.

I trust you, and I expect you're coming to this with integrity and a deep desire to help people achieve that special thing that you do.

So let's put CONTENT aside a minute, what'd ya say?

Don't worry... we'll get back to it, I assure you!

When you create LIVE Video that STANDS OUT, you're able to:

  • Gain INSTANT credibility and trust (let's face it... people trust those who look like they actually care)
  • Get NEW FOLLOWERS, rather than just hang out with people who already know, like & trust you
  • Be prepared for the FUTURE! And the future is viewable on the TV screen (that's where LIVE is headed!)

Making LIVE look like the above takes a little effort & investment, let's be honest.

And it's a great place to work towards.

Whether you're ready for it, or not, it's not the only option...


More Professional LIVE video from your Phone!

"Pro Hacks" allows you to stand out from the crowd... yes, even using your phone!

  • On the Go great looking LIVE!
  • Bring people along for the journey!
  • Get raw & HUMAN!
  • Provide a great experience for your viewers!

And you should be using your Phone EVEN IF you're using TV Quality Streams!



Let's not waste time you don't have!

  • You're already creating content (Podcast, YouTube, Blog Posts, Instagram, etc).
  • You already use other marketing strategies like Email, Opt-in Funnels, Webinars, and Facebook Ads
  • Now you're doing LIVE Video... or you're about to!

But you can't add ONE MORE THING to your workflow for content and marketing without knowing that it's going to give you results!

When you use a system for content, you will be able to move viewers into buyers with ease... and confidence that they're getting tons of value at any step throughout the funnel!

When you create PURPOSEFUL LIVE content, you'll be able to:

  • Overcome your anxiety and fear of LIVE!
  • Get way more engagement & views!
  • Streamline the process!
  • Create a powerful LIVE video that flows smoothly
  • Move viewers from content TO SALE!

YEP! You'll finally see how LIVE Video can impact your bottom line!


This is a vital part to you Launch Success!

You want to BUILD A BUZZ towards your Launch! I call this the "Buzz Campaign"

  • Get people EXCITED!
  • They get emotionally invested in the outcome!
  • When they're invested in the outcome... they're invested in YOU!
  • When they're invested in you... they're invested in your BRAND!
  • When they're invested in your brand... they BUY!

The Buzz Campaign can make a MASSIVE difference to the success of your Launch!

Whatever method you use to launch, you want people pumped to SHOW UP and screaming...


  • Webinars
  • Free Video Series
  • Summits
  • LIVE Show

Messenger Bots

Explode ENGAGEMENT & Get More Qualified LEADS!

Activate a Bot during LIVE...

  • Offer a freebie (Checklist, Cheat sheet, etc)
  • Your viewers simply make a comment
  • You get a qualified Lead that can turn into a sale!

But all Bots are not made equal! Just activating one won't mean success. There's a difference between "Bad Bots" and ones that work!

Rachel Farnsworth from The Stay at Home Chef

Used Bots for the 1st time, and she's just gettin' started!

  • 200 Bot Interactions during LIVE!
  • Over 800 Interactions within 3 Days!

Laura Smith from I Heart Planners

Laura was getting almost ZERO traction on her LIVE Videos! She got 1 comment per LIVE.

Started using Bots from our course and saw immediate results!

  • 200 Comments per LIVE!
  • Trackable sales into her membership!

Barry Friedman ~ 30 Days Sugar Free

"Before taking Luria's course, I was getting 8-12 people to show up LIVE. With just a few shows, I've increased to 38 LIVE Viewers! Using her Bot strategy on a single show, I got 25 new Leads. Plus 6 new people wait-listed for my program. Plus 2 sales!

And with the first LIVE into my group, I've gotten 4 new sales into my membership program!

Safe to say, this crazy strategy Luria and David are teaching is brilliant!


Increase Viewers & Grow Your Business!

Have you ever...

  • Gone LIVE and had fewer VIEWERS than you expected?
  • Gone LIVE to sell something and gotten fewer sales than you hoped for (or... yikes! NONE!)?
  • Gone LIVE only to have something GO WRONG?



If you're not careful, you'll wind up trying a bunch of different methods and tactics, and you'll waste time that you don't have trying to:

  • Get people to show up!
  • Get people to buy!


But it's more EFFECTIVE as a complete strategy!

When you use LIVE Video with a strategy in place... and connect the dots TO your other content and marketing strategies...

You'll see RESULTS!!!

  • More Followers
  • More LIVE Views
  • More Replay Views
  • More Engagement
  • More Die-hard Community Members
  • More List Subscribers
  • More Sales

Brian & Carrie ~ BrianAndCarrie.Live

"Prior to working with Luria on our LIVE Show, "Brian and Carrie in the Morning" was shot from on an old cell phone on the floor of our living room. We had some viewers and a lot of inspiration but no strategy or knowledge on how to elevate our LIVE stream game to the next level. Hiring Luria for expertise was a no brainer!

With a simple to execute system, we increased engagement to over 800+ comments per day, and went from 20 viewers to 100+ LIVE viewers! Numbers continue to climb with the foundations Luria helped us set in place.

We launched our Apprenticeship Program and within 3 days, we BLEW PAST CAPACITY!!! We registered 30 students instead of the original 10 we intended.

We also won Streaming Awards as Best Female Host, Best Male Co-Host and took place in the Top 5 of the Best LIVE Streams in 2017!"

And of course you'll be able to use this NEW reach to help more of your ideal audience!

You'll STOP spinning your wheels going LIVE and getting very little traction.

You'll be able to understand your audience more intimately through LIVE Video. You'll understand what they WANT from you so you can create the RIGHT products so you can serve them better!

You'll be able to create more PROFESSIONAL LIVE Videos!

You won't be chasing squirrels and doing LIVE video just 'cause you're "supposed to because it's the hot new thing"!

You'll be maximizing your time and effort!

You'll find JOY in your LIVE Videos because they're effective!



Your Complete Live Video Blueprint...

Welcome to the inSANITY!

We created LIVE Video for Launches because I see soooo many people trying LIVE and getting poor results!

It breaks our hearts!

We get asked these things every day:

  • What tech do I need?
  • How do I get more views?
  • What content do I create for LIVE?
  • How do I monetize LIVE Video?

We decided to take what we've learned over 10 years of doing LIVE video for our own community and working directly with clients...

All the ins and outs and all the possibilities....

And we've drilled it down to an easy to understand, easy to implement program!

So you can see immediate results and not waste months going through the Trial & Error process yourself!

AJ Rivera ~ Fitness Mentor

"Thanks to you I've tripled the amount of viewers I'm getting regularly. I'm getting better, more QUALIFIED LEADS, and increasing my YouTube channel subscribers every day.

With a single LIVE webinar on Facebook, I had 130 LIVE Viewers, but with strategy and ads behind the replay we now have 85,000 views, 200 qualified leads on our higher end coaching service and our lead generation COSTS have DECREASED by 70%!

Can't thank you guys enough!"


The Complete Blueprint for Launching Anything with LIVE Video!

We're not asking you to just buy a course that you take on your own... and maybe, not actually get through it.


What does that mean exactly?

Well... yes, you'll get access to the program of course! You'll master LIVE Video and you'll learn how to use LIVE to grow your business!


We're also inviting you BEHIND THE SCENES to watch as we actually LAUNCH this product to the public!

You get EARLY ACCESS as we create it!

And access to us to ask questions LIVE...

And that means you get a discount!!!

How 'bout them apples?!

More on that in a minute...

Implementation Program

Don't just learn... LEARN BY DOING!

Here's the deal.

We can't just sit back and teach. We need to know you're getting the support and results you want!

So we've looked deep into our students' experiences and created an Implementation Program that's focussed on just that... learning and implementing what you've learned!

Over the next couple of months. you'll have the chance to not only LEARN and IMPLEMENT....

You'll get to be a fly on the wall for our launch of this program to the public.

This is a special Early Access / Behind the Scenes Experience.

During this program, we will sit down with you and your fellow students in a PRIVATE LIVE session every week to answer your questions!

Want a sneak peak at how this all works???

The LPP Implementation Method


Get the training you need so you can master every aspect of LIVE Video!


Put what you learned into Practice with a clearly outlined structure and support through the process!


Prepare for the Launch so you don't miss a beat!


With this structured implementation section, you'll know exactly WHAT to DO and SAY... and WHEN to do and say it!

  • Build a Buzz
  • Pre Launch
  • Launch
  • Post Launch

The Experience

Behind the Scenes

We'll be creating and launching this program to the public in early 2018.

Just like you.

You'll be launching a product, service, podcast, event, show, book... in the next 6 months, right?

Then come along so see HOW we were able to convert at 34% sales on our webinar... and HOW we make the decisions we make using LIVE video to launch our products!

  • Exclusive Behind the Scenes Videos
  • Watch our Meetings
  • Ask us questions LIVE every single week
  • Get access to the LIVE Video for Launches Implementation Program as it's created (before we launch to the public)
  • We won't hold anything back!

We're an open book, as our existing students will tell you. We want to help you make the best decisions you can. Which is why we'll share the entire process with you!

All the ups.

All the downs.

The struggles.

The successes.

Because it's Early Access, that means that we're not launching this program into full swing... YET... and so all I ask in return for the discount is your feedback, participation, and questions!


We want to support you during this training...

Not only will you be able to ask questions during the LIVE sessions every week...

You'll also have SUPPORT in between each session inside an exclusive PRIVATE Facebook Group (available only to students of this program!)

The community participation you'll have will be vital to taking your success to the next level!

Michael Hyatt ~ Best Selling Author & Top Marketing Expert

"Luria exceeded my expectations as a coach... and as a person! She was there for me every step of the way, watching and helping me adjust where necessary. I felt 100% supported and felt at home from the first time we talked.

If you're serious about taking your LIVE Streams to the next level, I couldn't recommend more highly Live Streaming Pros!"

D'oh! You missed enrollment!



How To Craft Engaging & Easy To Read Emails

Want to have people on your list who can't WAIT to read your emails?

Want to be more effective in your email marketing? 'Cause it's truly an important part to connecting your LIVE Videos to your other marketing!

In this NEW BONUS (never been seen before), you'll learn:

  • How to add PERSONALITY to your email copy (and by default, anything else - bots, sales pages, etc)
  • How to STRUCTURE your email so it's easy to read!
  • Help with SUBJECT LINES
  • DIRECTOR'S CUT for the Swipe Files: I'll walk you through line by line....

Take a Deeper Look...

  • Registration opens on November 15th and ends on November 28th
  • LIVE Q&A's begin November 20th
  • Weekly Behind the Scenes "Experience" Videos begin the week of November 20th
  • We expect to start releasing the LIVE Video for Launches Implementation Program training videos to you by mid-December (you'll be seeing as we create it, so you'll know real time!)

You'll have the opportunity to ask questions during the LIVE Q&A's as well as any time something comes up in the Private Facebook Group.

You'll have access to additional training videos and any bonuses you got through our online training site.

Replays will also be posted on the training site within 24 hours of the LIVE session.

Sally Haughey ~ Fairy Dust Teaching

"I've run my business for 10 years completely behind the scenes. But I want to spread my message and create a movement! I knew LIVE Video was the way to do it, but I was a little scared to get in front of the camera. 

I've only been implementing Luria's strategies for 2 weeks, but already we're seeing MASSIVE engagement and growth!

My second ever LIVE stream ended with 1200 views. Not even 24 hours later, I had 7,000 views. 139 comments. 71 shares. My audience is loving it!

We launched a challenge and received over 1600 new email leads and 4300 new Facebook Group members!!!

Luria is such a GREAT TEACHER! Her structure gave me exactly what I needed!"



What's In Each Session...


  • LIVE Video TECH: Levels 1-4
  • Create more professional LIVE Videos on every Level!
  • On Camera Presence: be more confident in front of the camera!
  • Get more Engagement & Build Community!
  • Show Flow: create a smooth stream that you can be proud of without feeling like a bumbling idiot!
  • Repurpose your LIVE Content so you can re-use what you've already created!
  • Facebook Messenger Bots
  • Advanced Webinars: Learn how to make your webinars super engaging & convert higher!


  • PRACTICE GOING LIVE in a safe and private environment
  • Practice with your MESSENGER BOTS before unleashing them on your audience!
  • GET SUPPORT from us and your fellow students to learn what to tweak and how to get better!


  • MAKE SURE THEY BUY: Find out what your audience wants before you create your offer!
  • CONTENT CREATION: Prepare and create your LIVE content!
  • CONTENT CALENDAR: Create your plan so everything moves from show to sale!
  • SPREAD THE WORD: Get in front of new audiences with a Media Tour Strategy!


  • Complete implementation structure so you know exactly what to say and do!
  • Build a Buzz around your Launch!
  • Pre-Launch with purposeful content & promotion
  • Launch and see results! (regardless of if you use webinars, summits or other launch strategies)
  • Post Launch to further engage your customers and keep them happy!

Amy Porterfield ~ Top Online Marketing Strategist

"LIVE Video is something I've struggled with in the past. I don't necessarily love being on camera, but I know it's important for the growth of my business!

When I was ready to take the next step with LIVE, I hired Live Streaming Pros to build my in-home TV Quality LIVE Studio. After it was built, Luria sat down and talked to me about strategy.

I've been amazed at the knowledge and experience Luria has! When she explained her strategy plan to me, I though "that's just so good"! It's very eye opening in terms of how to approach LIVE video.

Beyond her expertise with LIVE, I just can't believe how thoughtful and generous she is as a person! She and her partner, David, have been there for me at every turn and doubt and fear I've had. I'm so thankful to have them by my side!"




What if I've never gone LIVE before, or just starting?

What if I've been doing LIVE for a while?

Does it work if I sell physical products?

What time will the LIVE calls be?

When do I get access to the Program Training?

Will you be covering Technical Setups?

Am I the right fit for this program?

Joe Colantonio ~

"Luria and the Live Streaming Pros team helped me create my biggest money making income stream using LIVE Video!"

Who Are We?

Luria Petrucci

LIVE Video Strategist

I've been creating LIVE Video for 10 years... for my own communities, as well as for companies like Panasonic, Samsung and AT&T. 

I feel your pain for the process of building a LIVE audience but it doesn't HAVE to be painful!

It can in fact be a FUN and motivating process! And I'd love to help you create that for your business!

A LIVE Video strategy that gets people WATCHING... COMMENTING... and BUYING!

David Foster

LIVE Video Technologist

I'm a bit of a geek! Actually, scratch that. I'm a pretty big geek! I love pushing the limits of LIVE Video Technology. 

Testing new gear, software and solutions for making your LIVE Videos easier and more professional... at every level (from the phone to the studio)! 

I've worked closely with Orange County Choppers and GoDaddy on their LIVE video setups.

And I built TV Quality Studios for Amy Porterfield, Pat Flynn, and Michael Hyatt.



Petra Verbruggen ~

"Coming from a technical background, I didn't know how to market my brand, and strategy wise, I was all over the place!

Luria helped me put a strategy together and within 1 month, I was able to start selling my services for up to $3,000! And the sales keep coming!

My dream is to do this full time, and for the first time... that goal is within reach!

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