Level 1 Gear Guide

You can use Level 1 without any gear at all, and JUST use your phone! But if you want better audio and video, you can add some gear!

There is a LOT of gear out there for live streaming, and it’s hard to know just what to get. So here are our recommendations!




This is one of our favorites if you’re an iPhone user. They do have a model that works on Android, but it does not work with all of them, so you need to go to their site and see if they have one for your device.

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Beast Grip


This one will fit almost every phone. Some phones are slightly curved in the back, like the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, and I found they don’t work very well, so look into that before you buy, but this one adjusts and mounts many different ways, and is one of my favorite pieces of gear.

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Custom Rig


This is something you can build on your own very easily. You would just need to get some lenses and a mic etc. But this should fit ANY phone, unless you have some HUGE wide monstrosity!

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DJI Osmo Mobile


This is a gimbal that keeps your video very stable as you move around! It’s a great device, but you don’t have a place for a microphone, so see our “hack” at the bottom of this guide with the Airpods!

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Moment Lenses


Lenses can really help you take your streams to the next level, because you can improve the quality of your shot. Meaning, you can get a wider angle of view etc. I almost always use a lens unless I am using my front facing camera.

Here are some really cool lenses I recommend. I have been using them on my iPhone 8+ as well as my iPhone X, but they will work on many different phones. Just visit the site to see if your phone is supported. You will have to use one of their cases in order for it to work, but I am actually enjoying my Moment case.

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I have not personally tried their new lenses, but about 2 years ago, they were the only lenses I used. I like their system, because it gives you a front and rear facing camera in one unit. Most of the other lens systems only cover your rear lens. Now, keep in mind that you will always get better quality from the rear lenses, but if you’re going to use the front, you may as well make it as good as you can!

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Samson Go Mic Mobile


One of THE most important parts of your live streams is your audio. I would argue that it’s more important than the video itself! Here the one that I recommend. I am only recommending what I know will work with all phones, even those that no longer have a headphone jack! (thanks Apple and Google)

This is an awesome wireless lapel mic. It works with both iOS and Android.

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Apple AirPods


If you’re using something like the DJI Osmo Mobile, you don’t want to attach a cable to it, so you could go LIVE with your bluetooth AirPods connected and they work great if you don’t mind “the look”!

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