7 Ways You Can MAXIMIZE the TIME & Effort you Spend on LIVE Video!

Luria Petrucci 08.11.2017 0 comments

You only have so much time and energy to put toward LIVE video, right? You want every effort to bring you the most results. No wasted moves! But how can you plan your strategy to make sure you get the most out of your LIVE video efforts?

Here are my 7 tips!

1. Shift your mindset

You need to think of LIVE video as part of a team. You have a lot of elements to your business and no single one of them is the whole driver for your success. LIVE is powerful, but it works best when it’s integrated with everything else, not just standing apart like an island.

2. Create a cohesive strategy

So, LIVE is going to be rolled into your efforts as a team member, not a single thing standing by itself. Now you need to decide what that will look like. You want the parts to work together, and complement each other. Make the parts match.

3. Promote effectively

That sounds simple, doesn’t it? Like something we shouldn’t even have to say. But knowing you need to do it and having a plan for actually doing it are different. Know when and where you need to send people. Different parts of your audience may have different needs, and may need individual promotions aimed at them.

4. Format your show

We all know the feeling of starting your live stream, getting rolling… and it seems like no one is there. Or if they are, they aren’t engaging with you. You can prevent that with the right kind of formatting for your show. Break your live show up into chunks. Mix your value content with things like answering questions or promoting something you may have coming up. If you have a section where you talk to the viewers in a Q&A style, that will help you stay on course with your value.

5. Optimize

After your LIVE show is over, you’re going to OPTIMIZE it for replay viewers. The bulk of your potential audience will not watch you LIVE, but will watching it recorded later. This means the opportunity to write a more detailed description, possible video editing, if your video has stuff that’s better left out, and setting up a chosen featured image rather than a default one. After the show is over, you have a better idea of exactly how to pitch it to a replay audience.

6. Repurpose

In order to repurpose your content effectively, you need to know what your content path is. IS LIVE the centerpiece of what you’re doing as a business, or is it a side piece that serves something else? Repurposing fits in with optimizing, and that is preparing your content for what I call the “After LIVE”, where you’ll pick up most of your views.

7. Bring in new viewers!

You always want your audience, or your customer base, to grow. Always push back the edges and get new people in! You do this by guesting on other people’s shows, and generally networking. Think about the way you’ve found your favorite LIVE streamers. Get yourself out there and get noticed!

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