7 ways to use LIVE video as a Fitness Professional

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Do you own a gym? A fitness bootcamp? Are you a fitness trainer? Do you sell any kind of fitness training? THIS episode of Live Streaming Pros is for you! I’m going to give you 8 ideas of how you can use LIVE video.

Why? By doing these things you can set yourself apart from your competition. You can build know, like and trust. You can position yourself as an authority VERY easily. You can create buzz about you and your business.

Listen to the audio version:

You can motivate people who aren’t taking action to sign up with you. You’re able to tap into a little bit of guilt that they’re not ALREADY working out with you. Ethically tap into that, not any kind of tricks or manipulation! You’re able to use social proof to get more people to sign up!

So, let’s look at how you can accomplish this!

#1: Pre-Class Motivators

Get up close and personal before (or after) your boot camp or class. Like Results Fitness has done, show others taking the action you want the viewers to take. Don’t share the whole class. Whet their appetite and show them they’re missing out!

#2: Community

Let viewers know they’re not alone. Give them a sense of community. When they join your gym or get involved in your world, they should feel like they automatically will have the support they’ll need. So when someone’s working out in your gym on their birthday, go LIVE and do a birthday shout out! When someone accomplishes a goal of lifting a bazillion pounds, go LIVE and share the success. Share that moment of celebration.

Brian Grasso and Carrie Campbell do this really well. They go live during their workouts often.

#3: Testimonials

Slightly different than sharing celebrations… capture testimonials on LIVE video. These are wonderful because when it’s LIVE people believe testimonials more. Because it doesn’t feel quite as staged. Let people share their stories.

#4: Free Workouts

Do free workouts LIVE and have people join along. Motivate them. Encourage them. Train on how to do a particular move and answer questions from anyone struggling. Melissa Ioja does this well.

#5: Challenges

Challenges are a big thing right now. Everyone’s doing them. They’re great – they work, especially for building a list of potential buyers or students for you! Why not add in a LIVE component to your challenge? This will ensure they STAY motivated through the challenge. Either a LIVE workout on a particular day and time you build up to. Or a LIVE Q&A towards the end of the challenge where you can lead into a call to action.

#6: Motivation

People need to stay motivated. Donovan Green from Chair Workouts does this fantastically. He does regular videos with actual workouts, but he’ll also jump on LIVE to motivate and inspire and encourage.

#7: Education

Work outs are great, but there’s a lot of things that I, as a potential customer, also need to be doing in order for my workouts with you to be successful, right? I have to eat right. I have to sleep well. I have to be aware of a lot of things in my own body. So educate people. This goes a LONG way to making YOU an expert and solidifying your position in your industry. Super Sister Fitness does this well.

Hopefully that gives you an idea of how you can use LIVE video to help your fitness business. I’d really like to hear from you – which idea do you like the most? Or if you have other ideas, join the conversation and leave a comment! Please share this video with anyone you know who is a fitness professional.

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