7 Ways to Create More Engaging Content

Luria Petrucci 01.22.2018 0 comments

You know that engaging content is key to building a successful LIVE show. But how do you create great content and keep your audience coming back for more? I’ve got 7 tips that I use constantly to make sure my shows will engage the community and get them excited for more!

1. Regular Content

Regular content is vital, especially in the current LIVE environment. When you go LIVE at a regular day and time, people will know to expect you and start showing up every time you go LIVE. It’s all about creating viewer habits!

2. Ask Constantly

LIVE video is amazing in the way it allows you to CONSTANTLY ask your audience what they want and need. You don’t have to guess! You have a bunch of people out there just waiting to help you out with great ideas for engaging content. So ask!

3. Show You Care

There’s a thing I see a lot. It’s this line between external caring and internal caring. They care but maybe aren’t showing that they CARE. So you need to work on lowering that internal wall, and let your audience in on a more personal level. For instance, I’m always worried that I’ll mispronounce someone’s name. So if I’m uncertain, I ask. Because I really do care.

4. Brainstorm

Sit down and put all your ideas on paper. Make a real physical list that you can look at, and seeing those ideas will probably shake out even more ideas. You’ll be amazed at how much can show up on a list like this!

5. Test

When you have your brainstormed list, you need to test those ideas to find the best ones. Some ideas are going to surprise you and turn out to be much more popular than you would have expected. So try them all as tests, and audience reaction will let you know which ones are your winners. These are the ones to give more attention and do multiple shows.

6. Descriptions

These are the words you’ll put at the top of your post to bring people in. Make them short and sweet, and ENTICING. But – NO CLICK BAIT! People can spot that a mile away and so can Facebook’s algorithm.

7. Focus on Community

I’ve talked about community throughout these tips, but I really want to drive this home. Make sure people in the community know each other. Make your show a place they want to be, not just for you, but for each other!

I know you have tips for creating engaging content that you can add to mine. So share ’em in the comments!

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