7 Tips for Feeling Confident on Camera!

Luria Petrucci 01.26.2018 0 comments

It’s so common to feel uncomfortable about ourselves when we’re LIVE. But you can’t let those fears and insecurities keep you from doing a LIVE show! Whether it’s something about our appearance, or the way we sound, or the fact that we’ve gained some weight… whatever… everyone has SOMETHING that they dislike about how they feel they come across. So, here are my 7 tips for overcoming those fears and getting comfortable on camera!

1. People are there for them, not you!

That may sound harsh, but think about it. People are in your audience either because they like you (problem solved!) or because you’re going to tell them something of value. And how you look won’t change the value of what you’re telling them.

2. You’re being selfish

I’m sounding harsh again, right? What I mean here is that you should be thinking about your audience, not yourself. Think about those people who have taken time to join your audience, and focus on making it worth their time, and you’ll be thinking about the right things. And you won’t have time to worry about your gray hair.

3. No one sees you like you see you

This is vital. You are a million times more critical of yourself than other people will be. You see all the things you want to change or wish were different. They just see you and think that’s the way you look. And that’s the end of it for them.

4. Prepare

This is how you can actively help yourself to feel more confident. Have a structure, maybe a show flow, maybe bullet points for your topics, whatever works for you. That will help you feel confident of your content and feel at least a little less nervous.

5. Get pumped up!

When you’re getting ready to go live, you’re running all the things through your head that you need to think about. And while that’s important, it can sap your energy before you even get started. So come up with something whether it’s blasting a favorite song, or doing push-ups, or whatever triggers YOU, to get going and ready for LIVE!

6. Have fun!

Tell yourself, “I don’t care what happens, I’m going to have fun!” When you have fun, your audience will have fun and that will keep them coming back.

7. Smile

I call it smile-talking. Whether I’m talking about tech, or strategies, or changes to Facebook, I try to be smiling. This takes some practice, but it’s so worth working on.

Do you have a tip that helps you feel confident when you go LIVE? Tell us all about it in the comments!

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