7 Things your business can stream for the holidays

Luria Petrucci 12.14.2016 0 comments


It’s the holidays, and the new year is right around the corner! THIS is the time for you to make a BIG impact with LIVE video in your business! Don’t wait for a new year. Use the holidays to create EXCITEMENT around your brand before the year ends.

Here are 7 ideas for your business to stream this holiday season!

Behind the scenes

Go behind the scenes at your company and give people a sneak peek behind the curtain. We’re all voyeuristic by nature, so use that! What is your business doing for the holidays? Are people putting up decorations? Is there holiday themed music playing all the time? Is it a bah-humbug spirit? What’s happening behind the scenes?? People want to know!


If you’re running any kind of deal this season, do a live video talking about what those are, and why people would want to take advantage of it!

Holiday traditions

Interview your team members about what their traditions are. Put a personal spin on your business. Be human. Ask your viewers what their traditions are! Share the experiences TOGETHER – brand and customer.


Really, Q&As work at any time of the year, but this is a great time to schedule it, promote it and let people ask whatever they want! Be sure to have some questions prepared ahead of time, by the way, just in case people are slow to ask themselves.

Kitchen streams

Everyone loves food, and we all know holidays equals food. Just because it’s your brand, doesn’t mean it has to stay at the office. Go home! Let them feel like they’re getting to know you personally!

Holiday party fun

Throwing an office party? Or a party at your home. Share the cheer through live video!

Look ahead

Lastly, a “what’s coming in the new year” stream. What should people look forward to? What are your big goals and products coming out? Start creating buzz and excitement NOW for what’s coming down the pipeline!

I hope that helps spark some ideas for your business! Learn more about how to get started with LIVE video, and WHERE you should start. There are so many options on what tech to use, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. But I’ve broken it all down into a quiz that tells you what kind of live streamer you are. You’ll get a free guide that, based on your goals, will help you understand where and how to start. LiveStreamingPros.com/Quiz

And I’d love to see what holiday streams you come up with! Leave a link to yours below!

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