Welcome! This is your FREE Starter Guide to Level 3 LIVE Video! 


With these 3 FREE resources, you're going to know how to get the most out of Level 3! 

Below you'll find these resources...

  • Comparison Chart: Compare different software options for features and prices (Mac & PC)
  • Level 3 Gear Guide: Stop looking at ALL the options and make it easy to choose your equipment!
  • Strategy: Create your Content Calendar & a Promotion Plan!
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    Set Building Workshop: Want a great looking set (even in a small space)? This workshop shows you how!

Become the hero and help someone else improve their LIVE Video!


Compare software options for Level 3

There are lots of software options out there! 

This guide breaks down the most popular software so you can compare features and price points of each.

gear guide

Don't get distracted by ALL the options out there!

We've broken down cameras and microphones for you so you know exactly what to get for your budget. 

Also included are a few "Pro Hacks" in case you want to take it a bit further! 

Just please be aware that the more you try to do on Level 3, the more likely it is you'll encounter tech issues.


Don't waste your time with LIVE... grow your business!


Strategy is absolutely necessary to make sure you're seeing the full benefit from your LIVE Video efforts! Learn how to create your:

> Content Calendar
> Promotion Plan

Learn more about LIVE Video Bots

Get the Content Calendar & Promotion Plan Guide!

Create your set

Give your LIVE Videos personality increase your credibility!

One of the most important pieces to creating more professional LIVE Videos is the visual aspect. What your LIVE Videos LOOK LIKE. 

It gives you credibility and invites your viewer in. It also gives you a specific place to go LIVE without excuses! 

Learn how to create your own studio set!

Become the hero and help someone else improve their LIVE Video!

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