5 Tips for Creating a Set Background for Your LIVE Videos!

Luria Petrucci 02.19.2018 0 comments

All of us who are creating LIVE videos have had to tackle the question of a set or background. It’s so important because what people see behind you sets the whole look and feel of your show. How can you have a great set background and not break the production budget along the way? Check out these 5 tips to make set and backgrounds easier!

1. Stand Out in the Newsfeed!

As people are scrolling through their feed, you want to be catching their attention and giving them reason to stop and watch your video. There are a lot of different ways to approach this, with bright colors, pictures, and interesting items. You don’t want stuff that will constantly draw attention away from you, but be thinking about grabbing people as they scroll by.

2. Add Your Personality!

This is YOUR set, so get some of YOU into it! I love the color red, so of course I need to have some red in my set. And I’ve always loved robots, so I’ve got a shelf with a few of those little guys behind me. Think about what small items you can add that are about YOU!

3. Separate from the Background!

The set is important, but not more important than you. So make sure there is some visual separation between you and the background. This and be done with contrasting colors, shallow depth of field to blur the background, and variations in lighting.

4. You Don’t Need a Ton of Space!

If you’ve ever been on a professional video set, you’ve probably been surprised that they’re smaller than they look on camera. You can really get by with a much smaller space than you might be imagining. And that makes it easier to leave a set up all the time, which definitely makes it more likely you’ll go LIVE more regularly.

5. You Don’t Need a Ton of Money!

You can get all kinds of interesting items for your set at thrift shops, hardware stores, and even your own house. You may already own most of the stuff that will go into your set! The sets we use around here tend to be pieced together with things that we already owned – no need to buy stuff! Don’t waste money when you don’t need to!

If you want to dive deeper into all the things that go into building a set, including lighting, and audio considerations, check out our Set Workshop!

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