5 Tips for a LIVE Interview Show Workflow that Rocks!

Luria Petrucci 07.10.2017 0 comments

If you do a show that features interviews, you know it can be a TON of work. So how do you keep the interview format your audience loves, while working out the bumps and problems? I was joined again by my friend Vicky Lashenko, of the Mompreneur Show, for an in-depth look at an interview show workflow and the five tips you MUST being doing!

1. Easy scheduling

Scheduling an interview is the first step in the process. It’s often done weeks or even months in advance. Vicky uses the free service Calendly, and shares that calendar with her guests. I do the same thing with the service I use, Acuity Scheduling. Sharing our calendars makes it easy for the guest to choose the open day that works for them!

2. Clear communication

Make sure you give your guest everything they need for a successful visit to your show. Make sure they understand things like camera and microphone placement. And -very important- make sure they have fast enough internet speed to make the interview work. Check that they understand the difference between up and down speeds. Most people have good down speeds, but up can be much slower. And make sure you’re talking to your guest before hand and letting them know when the show they are scheduled for is coming up.

3. Automation

You’re super-busy and that makes keeping up with all the things you need to have in place for a good interview a big issue. So automate as much as you can! Vicky send her guests a link to a form they can fill out that will provide her with all the standard information she needs for every show – things like spelling of the guest’s name, their website, social media handles, etc. A questionnaire like this can also give you some insights into your guests’ passions, and talking to them about those will give you a much better show! Gravity Forms is a great service for setting up something like this. Input to this form fuels automated emails to keep up that communication we talked about above.

4. Eye to eye contact

Looking your guest (and audience) in the eye (even when you’re in totally different locations) is so important. And it becomes very tough if you’re a one person show and you’re doing all the producer duties at the same time as conducting the interview. Remember to keep looking into the camera!

5. Gratitude

Make sure your guest knows how much you appreciate their rime and the fact that they came on your show. Find something good about that interview and mention it to your guest. Your gratitude will make a big difference in their helping you share the show around, and maybe they’ll even recommend your show to other potential guests!

What things do you do with your LIVE interviews to assure an excellent show? Let us know in the comments!

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