5 Reasons to Use Facebook Messenger Bots in LIVE Video!

Luria Petrucci 08.15.2017 0 comments

Are you using Facebook Messenger bots yet? I am, and I’m loving what they can do! I just wrote an article over at Social Media Examiner (check that here) where I talk about how useful bots are and how people can get started with them. They are especially cool when paired with LIVE video and shouldn’t be ignored by anyone producing LIVE shows. Here are 5 reasons you need to be getting onboard with bots:

1. More engagement

We always want people to get involved and engaged in our shows. It’s vital for success. But getting people to take some sort of action can be tricky. So, make it easy! Facebook Messenger bots offer a REALLY easy door to engagement, whether it’s to register for an event, get a free resource like a workbook, or however you want people to engage.

2. More reach and views

When you go LIVE on Facebook, their system watches very closely in the first few minutes to judge engagement. If you have lots of people engaging and reacting to your video, Facebook will put you in more people’s newsfeeds. That’s reach, and while it’s not an end goal in itself, more reach leads to more views, which IS what you want!

3. Easy win

Facebook Messenger bots give your viewers an easy win. I’m all about giving my viewers the best possible experience. If I’m doing something like telling you about signing up for a webinar, both you and I want that to be as easy as possible. If you can just type “webinar” in the comments to get signed up without going off to another website, that’s an easy win!

4. More qualified leads

You always want your leads to be people who are most likely to take the next steps with you. Messenger bots help you get the people who are your best, most qualified leads signing up for whatever you are offering.

5. Part of your marketing funnel

Don’t think of Facebook Messenger bots as just an island standing apart from the rest of your marketing funnel. Integrate the bots into your total plan to get your prospective customers exactly what they need. Like everything else we talk about, it’s not a stand-alone – it’s part of a whole!

I’ll be talking about Facebook Messenger bots and a whole lot more in a live Webinar on Wednesday, August 16, at 10 AM Pacific, 1 PM Eastern. You can sign up right here. Can’t wait, and I hope to see you there!

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