The 4 Levels of LIVE Streaming™

Luria Petrucci 12.31.2016 4 comments

Did you know there are 4 Levels of LIVE Streaming™?

If you’re thinking about doing live video, or have already started, just know that one kind of live video isn’t the same as another kind of live video!

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Level 1: The Selfie Stream

Let’s start at Level 1. I call this the Selfie Stream. It’s where you just hold the phone with your hand… like you’re taking a selfie!

And let’s be honest… sometimes it can result in shaky-cam footage! It’s not a BAD thing for all situations, but if you’re doing regular LIVE video, you definitely want to invest in some gear that’ll give you a better quality stream! And use Level 1 for some random videos when you’re at a food festival and just wanna share something fun!

Level 2: Phone + extra gear

Then there’s Level 2. Adding a microphone and a light and a video stabilizer to your phone so you have a more professional stream with quality video, lighting and audio. You only need to spend a couple hundred dollars on Level 2 and it’s not difficult at all. But it will make a BIG difference in your quality and professionalism. And it’ll help you stand out from the crowd of other streamers!

Level 3: Live from a computer

Now, Level 3 is when you go live from your Desktop. You can add lower thirds… like this…. And add video clips. You can bring in online interviews via Skype. This definitely takes your streams up a notch and you’re able to actually BRAND your streams.

BUT… a big word of caution here. Level 3 is a tricky beast. You need a software like OBS or Wirecast to do all this. Your computer MUST be up to the task. In other words, it needs to be a newer machine with some good guts!

And browser based options that you might find for free out there? They’re okay to use, BUT… since we specialize in making you a live streaming pro… I’m going to suggest you don’t use them for two reasons:

Unless you pay, they have a watermark of that company’s logo. Not yours. You also have very little control over the branding and visuals. We want to brand YOU, not a third party company, right?

Second reason is that your computer’s fan will most likely run the entire time you’re streaming, which will be picked up by your microphone, and make your audio bad.

So, if you’re good with technology and software, give Level 3 a try. If you’re terrible around computers, you will find Level 3 a very frustrating experience unless you can have someone else do it for you. Or, we can travel to you to get you setup so you don’t have to worry about the tech side of things. You just focus on what you do best.

Level 4: TV quality from a dedicated streaming system

Now… Level 4 is TV Quality. This is what we do on our daily live streams and it’s what CNN and all the “big boys” use. While it’s definitely an investment, it’s going to be the BEST quality you can get! You can do everything Level 3 can do, plus all the bells and whistles. You can really customize everything to meet your brand and present a highly professional stream.

AND… since this machine is built to do live and nothing else, you’re not going to have a lot of the frustrations of Level 3. And the companies who build these machines, like the company we use, called Livestream, keeps the software up to date and running properly. So that stuff isn’t reliant on YOU.

So if you’re really serious about LIVE video, this is the level you want to strive for.

And if you’re not sure where you fit in the 4 Levels of LIVE Streaming™, and you want to learn more about the things you need to know to do LIVE correctly and EFFECTIVELY, you can take our quiz to find out what kind of LIVE streamer you are at

Once you take that quiz, come back here and leave a comment with what Level YOU are!

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level 3

Honey Larochelle

level 2

Barry Friedman

I met you guys at Level 1 and now I’m Level 4. Thank you for everything from the bottom of my heart and the balance in my back account.