3 Things You Need to Know BEFORE You Go LIVE

Luria Petrucci 06.16.2017 0 comments

Want to get into LIVE streaming, but haven’t really started yet? Maybe you’re just figuring out where and how to start? This one is all about what you need to think about before you go LIVE!

Know your WHY

You want to go LIVE – that’s AWESOME! But… why? Why do you want to go LIVE? What are you trying to accomplish? What can LIVE do for you or your business? Knowing WHY you are doing this is so key to making it all work correctly. You have to have a fix on your goal to know if you’ve reached it.

Get over the FEAR

The reason I hear most often from people about why they don’t go LIVE is FEAR. And I totally get that. LIVE can be scary. It’s unknown and it’s vulnerable. Even if you’re used to doing video, if it hasn’t been LIVE you can always fix things in editing. LIVE doesn’t give you that option (although you can always clean stuff up before you post your video for later viewing). I still feel that burst of adrenaline when I’m about to go LIVE. That feeling never goes away. What you have to do is harness that feeling and turn it into onscreen energy. The fear is about you. Don’t think about you, think about the audience.

You are going to make MISTAKES

There’s no way to avoid making mistakes on LIVE. It will happen. It’s a part of LIVE and a big reason why people love to watch. Mistakes are REAL and making them, in front of an audience, makes you real to them. And it makes them like and bond with you. It might not be how you’d choose to connect with your audience, but it’s at the heart of LIVE and key to why it works so well when you are trying to connect to people. Give yourself permission to make mistakes – and move on!

What have your experiences been with these points? Have you tackled one – or all – of them? Share your stories in the comments!

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