2 Big Facebook Changes Affecting your LIVE Videos

Luria Petrucci 10.27.2017 1 comment

Facebook has some big news this week and we’re taking a look at what it all means for you and your LIVE video streams.

Facebook Live Producer

Facebook Live Producer is a new web-based platform that allows you to go live from your browser, while giving you some additional abilities like adding lower thirds, graphics, and interviews. Check out the video, where I step you through the interface and take a look at both what you can and can’t do.

This will be a great addition for people who are doing an extremely basic stream now. But basing all these functions in the browser is a heavy processing load for your computer. I’d expect to see more buffering, sync, and stability issues from the new platform. It looks good for streamers who are still doing things very simply, but I’m still skeptical.

Producer is rolling out gradually, so you may or may not have it now. Keep a watch out for it!

Facebook tests pulling brands from Newsfeed

Is it the end of brands on Facebook as we know it??? Well, no, probably not, but the test Facebook is running, pulling brand Pages from the Newsfeed and giving them their own space sure has people talking!

A two-thirds drop in organic reach is being reported from the test, which is being run in Singapore, along with four times fewer interactions with the companies affected by the test. The idea is to set aside the Newsfeed for friends and families only, and move commercial posts (like Pages) to the Explore tab. Obviously this could have an impact on how companies use Facebook.

BUT… Most recently, the company has said there is no plan to roll out this plan to all of Facebook. So, it’s not sounding like this will ultimately reach beyond this test. However, It’s an important wake-up to remind all of us about the importance of having your own home on the internet that YOU control.

Facebook is a fantastic way to help people discover you, but if your entire business is on Facebook (or any platform) and nowhere else, you are completely at the mercy of changes you have no control over. You can protect yourself against unplanned changes by having a website that is your main operating hub, AND by building a strong community that will follow you if you need to move from one platform to another or even one brand to another. If people love you, they will follow you wherever you need to go!

What do you think about these changes? Will you be using Facebook Live Producer? Are you concerned about the brand test, or does it just seem like it will come to nothing? Let us know in the comments!

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