12 Ways to Strategically use LIVE Video for Travel & Tourism Marketing!

Luria Petrucci 07.17.2017 0 comments

Travel is all about the experience of being some place special. That’s what makes LIVE video so perfect for promoting a travel or tourism business. People are planning what they hope will be an amazing experience they’ll remember all their lives. LIVE gives them a taste of what your travel business can do to make that happen!

1. Inspire Desire

Show people what you have to offer and why they want to experience that through your business. Talk to that person trapped at a desk and trigger some Fear of Missing Out, while showing them how you’ll provide an amazing experience.

2. Encourage Sharing

Sharing gets your message out to even more people – you’re inviting a bigger crowd to the party. Make sure you’re using the sharing strength of social media to get as many people seeing what you have to offer as possible.

3. Food!

What kind of food is popular in the areas your travel business serves? Make sure those figure into at least some of your LIVE videos. People love cool foods, and they love sharing their food finds on social media – so food subjects help with our point #2!

4. Contests

LIVE video is great at getting people involved – and contests are a great motivator.

5. On-Site LIVE Area

If you’ve got a resort or other location, make a LIVE friendly area (with good signal strength) to encourage your guests to go LIVE from their phones and tell their friends what an awesome time they’re having!

6. Influencers

If you can bring in people who are influencers, who have a big social following, you should absolutely be doing that. Lou Mongello is a HUGE Disney expert and influencer, and when his followers see him having a great time somewhere, they want to go there too!

7. 360 LIVE

I don’t recommend 360 video for every live show (who needs to see the studio around me, for instance?), but for travel videos – it’s a perfect way to give people a sense of the whole environment you’re sharing.

8. Set It and Leave It

Got a location like a beach that people might like to see any time, day or night? Set up a webcam and just turn it on so viewers can drop in to see sunrises, sunsets and anything in between.

9. New Launches

Have a new product launch coming up? Launch it LIVE! Invite the world to see your big event and they may decide to come see you in person.

10. Tell a Story!

You should always be doing this in any kind of LIVE video, but it’s worth mentioning here. There are probably a ton of cool stories around the area you’re trying to promote – bring those to your audience!

11. Interview Guests

Happy customers are your best advertising. But you have to do it right – no stiff, uncomfortable testimonials; just find people who are having fun and get them to share details of their adventures. You’ll share, they’ll share – everyone wins!

12. Value-Based Content

What kind of value can you bring to your audience? Maybe you can base a weekly travel show around your business. Bring them in with general things like travel tips and they’ll develop a know, like, and trust relationship with you as you go!

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